Personal Safety

Shooters produced this short film for the Sex Abuse Treatment Center featuring adult survivors of child sexual abuse. They share their personal experiences and provide insights on how adults can protect children. The video also includes interviews with Detective Jim Maurer from the Honolulu Police Department Sex Crimes Detail, and clinical psychologist Sherrie Takushi-Isara from the Sex Abuse Treatment Center. They provide facts about this serious crime, highlight important prevention tips, and explain how to respond if a child discloses sexual abuse.

We at Shooters take this issue very seriously and are glad to do what we can to prevent these crimes and reduce the pain and trauma it has caused so many people.

If you need help, or know somebody who does, please call the Sex Abuse Treatment Center hotline at 808 524-7273.

DIRECTOR – David Rosen
PRODUCER – Darrin Kaneshiro
EDITOR – Jay Evans
DP – Shawn Hiatt