“We Are Men”

D I R EC T O R ’ S   T H O U G H T S

There’s a lot of focus on Women’s health care these days, but you don’t hear too much about Men’s care.  So when SwedishAmerican approached us about doing a men’s commercial I thought OK, that’s different.

We had shot many stories about men for Swedish over the last 10 years and decided to use the footage to create a new commercial. The big question was, how do you stitch this footage together so that it hangs together and makes sense?

George Chalekian wrote a brilliant script, suggested music that would sound something like “Mannish Boy”, really gave us the chance to bring our men’s lifestyle and hospital footage to life. Jay Evans and Deb Miller did an outstanding editing job. The commercial turned out beautifully and was everything that our clients had envisioned.

— Dave

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