“Day and Night”

D I R EC T O R ’ S   T H O U G H T S

We recently got a chance to maybe help save some lives.

The Department of Transportation and the Limtiaco public relation firm chose us to produce 2012’s Click it or Ticket campaign promoting awareness of Hawaii’s seat belt law. They asked us to come up with the creative to address several particular aspects of the seat belt law. With the help of Lance Rae from Limtiaco we were able to fine-tune our approach to what you see on the screen here.

Our shoot was a grueling, all-night shoot in downtown Honolulu which started at 6:00PM and wrapped the following morning at 5:00AM. Anna Fishburn put together an excellent cast and our DP, Shawn Hiatt did a wonderful job coming up with some great night photography. A special thanks goes out to the Honolulu Police Department for all their help in getting officers to be in the commercial and also for logistical support on-location.

— Dave

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