Dragon Dance

We are very proud to have shot “Dragon Dance” for Central Pacific Bank. It debuted in the Super Bowl, which this year coincides with Chinese New Year. The wonderful troop of Dragon dancers were from Gee Yung Martial Arts Association. Special thanks to Sifu Harlan Lee who helped us throughout the production as technical advisor.

Little Boy – Brennan Fong
Pearl Leader – Ty Miyabuchi
Writer – Arnie Yew (who tried to get us into trouble yet again)
Creative Director – Craig Matsumoto
Director – David Rosen
Executive Producer – Darrin Kaneshiro
DP – Shawn Hiatt
Assistant Director – Fe Bailey
Casting – Akemi Bischoff
Props – Cedric Fujita
Stylist – Deb Nishimoto
Editor – Jay K. Evans
Music – Chris Sanders
Sound Mixer – Max Ebersbach
Technical Advisor – Harlan Lee
Alex the Dog

Location – Chinatown Cultural Plaza

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